January 18, 2017

jhgdThere’s a gentle rain on the roof. The daily morning dose of radiated heat has been alloted, and now it’s quiet. No bubbling, no clanging, the system’s asleep. This weather front has brought the temperature back up to a tolerable degree. I’m comfortable in a bathrobe, and bare feet. I’m thinking about my loved ones. The coffee’s hot and dark with cream swirling, and my fingers are busy. In my dream I saw a once friend and co-worker- she was seated a few rows ahead of me. The theatre lights were very low, her face was in shadow, a reflection cast by the soft orange foot lights’ glow. Why she’s in my dreams I can’t imagine. She’s a person with whom I’d love to still be in contact- but not to be. Part of the new life I’m embracing is a life that accepts the other’s decision… if that’s expressed gently, shouted loudly, or only inferred through silence, my choice is acceptance.

What a burden is guessing!  What freedom to let go!


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