January 16, 2017


I’ve been talking since I was a baby. Writing came very late.  Seeing my words on a page, everyone or anyone seeing my words was very uncomfortable. So I spoke, or sang, I played the guitar, I played the banjo, and that was enough.  In 2008 I bought my very first computer…and descended into the world of social media and letters to the editor; it was my turn to have my say in writing.  I enjoyed it.  I became very fussy about how I’d “publish” my thoughts.  Wherever possible, I used the edit option because I didn’t want to look stupid or ignorant, or worse, to be misunderstood.  Many of the comments I read were very hard to follow because the writing was sloppy, misspelled, or just incomplete… people were writing the way they talk (though the talk was mostly arguing), and it didn’t necessarily reflect the amount of education they’d achieved.  That wasn’t appealing.

I remembered some of my college writing courses; what was it that the professors always asked?  “What is it that you want to say?” … and the admonishment to then  “Tell, don’t just say.”  These memories made sense… I loved to tell folks what I had to say.  I did lots of telling, facebook postings became essays, became critiques, became too much…but I hadn’t ever ever ever considered sitting down and just writing. That seemed a vain sort of time-waste, a selfish and long-winded affair.  But I have a friend who loves to write, and she’s really good.  She likes my writing.  She even told me so!  I asked where one could find some of her work, and she told me that she blogs.   “B L O G S, hmmmmmm, a blog…?  I could try that, I think I might like that!”

My profile tells you that I’m a musician, an indoor gardener, and a photographer…I’m pretty good at some of these, and, I think, very good at music. I love to play, and teach music. My voice teacher in college explained that until he’d begun teaching, he’d really held an incomplete understanding of singing. That’s been my own experience, especially so with music. Perhaps through my writing, I’ll help you learn how to learn.